My “First 90 Days” Plan

Naples has numerous issues that need to be addressed. Here are a few I will focus on during my “FIRST 90 DAYS”…

  • Community Engagement – I will present to the City Council and City Manager a plan for enhanced education and involvement, including town halls, by our residents when it comes to important decisions being made about Naples.
  • Road Diet – I will gather all the facts on the controversial proposal to narrow U.S. 41 in the heart of Naples to two lanes and then recommend it be brought to our citizens for their opinions and input.
  • Redevelopment Projects – I will call for a review of all projects underway and an assessment of their impact on the long term charm and character of Naples.
  • Pension Deficit – Even though I led the negotiations that have already saved the City $160 million over 30 years, I will now turn my attention to how we start paying down our current $45 million deficit.
  • Public Safety – Keeping our citizens safe will be front and center in everything I do. In my first 90 days, I will explore new and improved ways of working with the County to assure our people have the best and fastest resources available in terms of law enforcement, fire protection,emergency medical service and natural disasters.